Our vision from the beginning:

We act ethically
and sustainable -
in all areas
of the company.

Nach außen transportieren wir dies durch unsere Mission, die wir als verbindliches Versprechen betrachten: 25 % aller verkauften Produkte stammen aus einer Produktion mit fair gehandelter Baumwolle. Dieser Anteil soll sich im kommenden Jahr auf 30% ansteigen.

Products from organic farming and those from fair trade are more expensive than the conventional variants. Therefore, they do not sell on their own, but require explanation.

We take this into account in our internal and external communications by focusing our communications almost exclusively on the issue of sustainability. We hardly use the forms and content of classic advertising.

At trade fairs, with journalists, in industry discussions and in talks with customers, Mister Bags' ethical actions and the sustainability of our products are THE central topics. We receive great approval from all sides.

Unser Nachhaltigkeitsversprechen 2024

Im Rahmen unserer sozialen Verantwortung verpflichtet sich Mister Bags mindestens 30 %
seiner gesamten Baumwolle im Jahr 2024 fair gehandelt einzukaufen.

Sustainability as
lived corporate culture

Every company has a choice: How sustainable do we want to be? Mister Bags has already chosen a holistic concept of sustainability when it was founded in November 2018. We sell sustainable bags and other products made from cotton and jute. Some are fair trade and/or organic.

Our long-term goal is to sell products that come exclusively from fair trade and/or certified organic production.

Our mission statement is based on the 3 pillars of sustainability: economy, ecology and social issues.

If it destroys our environment, it is not an investment

The purpose of a company is to generate sales and profits. In addition to taxes and fees, donations as well as employees and suppliers are paid from this. Entire families depend on a company making economically sound decisions. Mister Bags wants that, too. But every company has room for decision.

We use our scope for decision-making to achieve the ethical, social and ecological goals we have set ourselves. In our view, sustainability is essential for companies that want to remain successful in the future.

On the one hand, we prefer to forego profits for this if, for example, a potential new product does not meet our requirements. And we explain to customers why they would be better off spending their budget on the more expensive, but fair-trade or organic-certified products.

On the other hand, we pay more for products and services if they are ethically, socially and ecologically the better solution in our eyes. This applies to the products and services we sell and to the products and services we use ourselves.

as an equivalent target

Admittedly, fair trade coffee for the team is not particularly original. But with us, everything adds up to a coherent overall picture. With every detail, we pay attention to which solution is sustainable, ethical and socially acceptable.

Some examples of our sustainable solutions:

  • 100% sustainable products to the highest standards.

  • An electric Smart is our company vehicle.

  • We have implemented the paperless office almost 100%.

  • We work with green electricity, solar panels and use waste heat.

  • Our in-house print shop is GOTS certified.

  • With Goldeimer toilet paper, we support projects that help people achieve safe sanitation.

must be global

Human dignity, fairness, equality and the protection of dependents and the weak are central concerns for us. This begins within our own company with a healthy working environment and extends far beyond national borders.

Our Managing Director Tobias Gottwald has personally met every trading partner in India. From the cotton field to the spinning mills to the weaving mill, the cultivation and working conditions comply with our guidelines.

"We'd rather sell 3,000 organic or fair trade bags than 5,000 conventional bags"

As an entrepreneur and
learn as people
we constantly to

- also about sustainability

What we learn about it in the company, we carry into our private lives. What we learn in our private lives through family, friends and acquaintances, we bring back to the company. Those who work for us have no choice but to think and act ecologically, economically and socially.

We offer fair working conditions such as flexible, family-friendly working hours, offers of employment for our trainees, opportunities for further training. We provide tea, coffee and fruit free of charge. Measures to promote health include ergonomic workstations and free use of our sports studio.

Mister Bags also works closely with the Franz Sales Haus in our Essen neighborhood. People with impairments live, learn and work here. We promote the work of this facility with various orders and give the people who work there tasks that they are proud to fulfill.

Our goal for the future: 100% fair trade