Cotton Bags
for the promotional market.

Sustainable cotton bags with a good conscience.

Sustainability through teamwork and social responsibility.

25% der gesamten Baumwolle wird Fairtrade eingekauft.*

Unser Nachhaltigkeitsanspruch 2024

A fair and ethical procurement policy.

Wir sind uns unserer sozialen Verantwortung bewusst und möchten diese zu 100 % erfüllen. Für eine konsequente Zielumsetzung hat sich Mister Bags die Mission gesetzt, mindestens 25 % seiner Baumwolle im Jahr 2023 fair gehandelt einzukaufen.

Mister Bags ist sich der Bedeutung einer nachhaltigen Baumwollproduktion und fairen Handelsbedingungen bewusst. Bis zum kommenden Jahr soll der Verkauf von fair gehandelten Produkten auf einen Anteil von 30 % steigen.

If you also want to promote an ethical trade structure, then your claim is in line with our promise!

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Fabric bags & jute bags with your logo as a promotional item

Whether it's high-quality organic cotton bags, stylish drawstring bags, or reusable food bags, we want to act sustainably and ethically, even if it means selling fewer bags. With this promise, we offer a wide range of products. See for yourself right now.

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With our extensive range of printable cotton bags and pouches, we offer our business customers the opportunity to promote themselves sustainably with environmentally friendly promotional items - And with a clear conscience!

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Sustainable advertising!

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Fabric bags print - With us sustainable!

On the way to 100% fair trade cotton products, we are pursuing a clear strategy: We are focusing on recyclable products, green energy and procurement in accordance with the Fairtrade Cotton Standard. In doing so, we are fully aware of the importance of fair partnerships.

All cotton is Fairtrade certified and grown by Fairtrade producers. Fair trade conditions allow small farmers and workers in the growing countries to invest in a sustainable future. More info under

Who is Mister Bags for?

  • Partner with a sustainable vision
  • Partners who rely on organic cotton and jute
  • Partners who support fair trade
  • Partners who transport environmentally friendly corporate communication
  • Partners who transport environmentally friendly corporate communication
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