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Zugbeutel Max 2353
Zugbeutel Max 2353

Ab LagerFairtrade BaumwolleSieb- und TransferdruckLebensmittelechtWiederverwendbarKordelzugOverlocknahtGebügelte WareGrammatur


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Art. Nr.: 2353


The motto "small but mighty" applies to our small drawstring bag Max agree wholeheartedly. Max with its dimensions of 10 × 14 cm is the smallest pull pouch in our promotional bag range, but is in no way inferior to its larger siblings.

Also Max is made of 100% Fairtrade-certified organic cotton, has been awarded the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and has even been LFGB tested. Max is therefore food-safe and food of all kinds can be stored and transported in it without hesitation.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, however, it also cuts an excellent figure as a pull-up storage bag for earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other pieces of jewellery.

To make sure that none of the treasures are lost, the Max but not only pull it closed. The small fabric bag is also made with high-quality overlock seams. Seams sewn in this way do not tear as quickly as is unfortunately often the case with simply sewn bags.

Despite its small size, the Max sufficient space for your logo or advertising message, which we apply with a convincing and high-quality screen printing or transfer printing process on a size of approx. 5 × 9 cm.

Grammage: 140 g/m²

Size: 10 x 14 cm
Refinement: Screen printing or transfer printing
Print size: ca. 5 x 9 cm
Packing: 500 pcs / carton

Fairtrade Cotton SiegelLFGB Siegel

All cotton is Fairtrade certified and grown by Fairtrade producers. Fair trade conditions allow small farmers and workers in the growing countries to invest in a sustainable future. More info at

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