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Brotbeutel Bernd 2357

ab LagerFairtrade BaumwolleSieb- und TransferdruckLebensmittelechtWiederverwendbarenKordelzugOverlocknahtGebügelte WareGrammatur


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Art. Nr.: 2357


Our printable bread bag Bernd is made of 100% Fairtrade certified cotton and is the perfect packaging for bread, rolls or other baked goods.

Printed with a company logo or an individual design is Bernd Bedruckt mit einem Firmenlogo oder einem individuellen Design ist

Replaced as a reusable bread bag Bernd Vast quantities of classic paper bags that would otherwise be used in bakeries.

To reliably prevent the stowed baked goods from falling out of the bread bag, our popular bread bag is equipped with a practical drawstring. The loops of the drawstring can also be used as clever carrying handles.

Of course, the washable bag is food-safe and LFGB tested, so bread or rolls can be stored in the sophisticated packaging alternative without hesitation. In addition, the OEKO-TEX certificate guarantees that the cotton used in the environmentally friendly bread bag is free of any harmful substances.

As a cotton bag, our Bernd with a company logo or an advertising slogan using high-quality screen printing and transfer printing. The maximum print size of 40 x 25 cm offers enough space for a company to place creative advertising messages on the promotional gift and thus advertise successfully.

The high-quality finish makes the bread bag particularly durable, so that an equally long-lasting advertising presence can be achieved - another advantage over conventional packaging such as paper bags.

That makes our haversack Bernd the ideal promotional product for environmentally conscious companies that rely on sustainable promotional products.

Grammage: 140 g/m²

Own weight: Tara 55 g
32 x 49 cm
Refinement: Screen printing or transfer printing
Print size: ca. 25 x 40 cm
Packing: 200 pcs / carton

Fairtrade Cotton ZertifikatLFGB Zertifikat

All cotton is Fairtrade certified and grown by Fairtrade producers. Fair trade conditions allow small farmers and workers in the growing countries to invest in a sustainable future. More info at

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