Sustainable travel partners for your next adventure!

Discover promotional bags for sustainable travel!

Food-Bags and Drawstring bags from Mister Bags are not only practical everyday helpers e.g. when shopping for the week, but also clever Storage solutions and sustainable as well as stylish Promotional item. In the following, we will go into more detail on why food bags and pull-tab bags are the perfect choice as Travel partner are - a great Promotional gift for your customers, business partners and employees!

Food bags and drawstring bags are basically bags or poucheswhich have been specifically designed to food and other things to be kept and to transport. They are an essential component of our everyday lives, as they sustainable make sure of it, disposable plastic such as classic fruit and vegetable bags to replace and so our protect the environment.

Think new - food bags and drawstring bags for your next trip

Away from the actual intended purpose, namely the transport of fruit, vegetables and more, are Mister Bags Food-Bags and Drawstring bags but also the ideal companions for the next trip. Our food bags and drawstring bags come in a wide variety of sizes from 10 x 14 cm to 30 x 40 cm therefore and consist mostly of 100% Fairtrade certified cotton.

Many of our classic food bags consist of cotton meshwhich is ideal to take with you, for example, to the beach this way, the sand grains simply trickle through and no sand accumulates in your pockets.

In the following we have lots of examples of our food bags and drawstring bags as sustainable travel partners for the next adventure listed for you. Get one now nice idea and delight your business partners, customers and co. still quickly with a great sustainable travel companion!

Our travel partner inspirations!

Mister Bags promotional bags as a sustainable printable promotional item

Like all our Mister Bags advertising bags are also our cotton bags and cotton pouches natural individual with your Advertising message printable. The food bags and pull-tight bags can be simply personalise and sustainable print with your logoso that the recipient comes into contact with your company again and again.

Now set next promotional gift on one of our sustainable bag models and convey to the recipient of the advertising materialwhat you stand for as a company and what you value - namely quality, sustainability and environmental protection.

Here you come to our Food-Bags and here to our pull-up bags!