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Mister Bags - Bedruckbare Juco-Tasche Wickie
Juco tasche Wickie

Ab LagerSieb- und TransferdruckLebensmittelechtHenkelBodenfalte


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Art. Nr.: 2368


Wickie - for all Vikings, those who want to become Vikings and for every other person. If this bag had already existed in the days of the pirates, it would certainly have gone down well. It offers a lot of space, is thanks to the mix of 72 % Jute and 28 % cotton very robust and also environmentally friendly.

The natural-looking bag is adorned with 60 cm long cotton carrying handles, which are eye-catching cord design stand out with large knots. Wickie is a shopping bag, sports bag and beach bag all in one and can be carried either by hand or casually slung over the shoulder. For a little break in between, it is equipped with a bottom gusset that helps it stand securely.

Wickie is LFGB-certified, i.e. food-safe and manufactured according to the OEKO-TEX 100 standard. There are no harmful substances in it and it has a skin-friendly pH value. In addition, it can be Wickie wipe out from the inside in case the drinks bottle leaks or transported fruit is damaged.

With the help of a high-quality screen or transfer print, company logos and advertising messages can be optimally applied to the bag. The print size of 25 x 23 cm is generous and promises a prominent placement of the personalization.

Size: 37 x 49 / 16 cm
Refinement: Screen printing
Print size: ca. 25 x 23 cm
Packing: 80 pcs / carton

LFGB Zertifikat

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