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2356 Romeo bedruckt
2356 Romeo bedruckt

Ab LagerFairtrade BaumwolleSieb- und TransferdruckLebensmittelechtWiederverwendbarKordelzugOverlocknahtGebügelte WareGrammatur


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Romeo, oh Romeo! Our sustainable drawstring bag is guaranteed not to just give up the ghost, because thanks to OEKO-TEX Standard 100 it is completely free of harmful substances.

Romeo is made of 100% Fairtrade certified cotton and also has the LFGB seal. This means that our printable pull-tight bag is guaranteed food-safe. Whoever uses our Romeo so would like to use it as a reusable food bag, can do so without hesitation.

Alternatively makes Romeo but also cuts an excellent figure as a gym bag or small backpack. The 140g/m² grammage makes this stylish drawstring bag a robust and reliable companion for every occasion. With a size of 25 × 30 cm, it offers enough space for everyday necessities.

So that your logo or design can also be printed on the flattering Romeo To show it off to its best advantage, we print it in a maximum size of approx. 23 × 19 cm.

All finishes are applied by us using screen printing or optionally transfer printing, so that your logo will shine on the drawstring bag for a long time, just as it did on the first day.

The cords with which Romeo They are robust and also serve as a practical carrying handle. They also ensure that nothing gets lost on small or large journeys.

Grammage: 140 g/m²

Size: 25 x 30 cm
Refinement: Screen printing or transfer printing
Print size: ca. 19 x 23 cm
Packing: 250 pcs / carton

Fairtrade Cotton SiegelLFGB Siegel

All cotton is Fairtrade certified and grown by Fairtrade producers. Fair trade conditions allow small farmers and workers in the growing countries to invest in a sustainable future. More info at

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