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GOTS - Alliance Initiative
Organic cotton

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a worldwide standard for the production of textiles from organically grown cotton. The GOTS seal itself is the globally recognised certification for textiles made from organically produced cotton and figurehead for quality thinking.

As a member of the new Organic Cotton Alliance Initiative the Global Organic Textile Standard is committed to the sustainable production and processing of organic cotton The work of the GOTS contributes to reducing the environmental impact of the textile industry and to improving the living conditions of people in the countries of origin of the cotton.

GOTS - Mitglied der Bündnisinitiative Bio-Baumwolle

What is the Organic Cotton Alliance Initiative and what are its goals?

The Organic Cotton Alliance Initiative is an initiative that promotes the sustainable production and trade of organic cotton in India. The initiative was launched in 2022 by the "Alliance for Sustainable Textiles", which was founded by the then Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Dr. Gerd Müller, for whom previously ecological sustainability and social criteria were given a high priority, was founded in 2014.

The aim of the initiative is to promote the production of organic cotton and strengthen the market for sustainably produced cotton products through many different pilot projects. The alliance initiative works with manufacturers, dealers, suppliers and other stakeholders in the textile industry are working together to promote the conversion to organic cotton. Through the responsibility and environmental awareness of each member, as well as through joint projects in India, these goals are being tackled consistently and successfully.

The Organic Cotton Alliance Initiative: A multitude of actors

The Organic Cotton Alliance Initiative (Bibb) is a association of organisations and companieswhich advocates for the promotion of cotton production and the use of organic cotton. In addition to the federal government, Bibb currently has around 130 members.

The members shall be different groups of actors which are subdivided as follows:

  • Federal Government
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Standard organisations
  • Trade unions
  • Advisory members
  • Companies
  • Initiatives and associations

To date there are many well-known brandswho have joined the alliance initiative. They include:

Non-governmental organisations

  • German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI)
  • NABU - Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union Germany e. V.
  • WWF Germany

Standard organisations

  • Fairtrade Germany e. V.
  • bluesign technologies
  • GoodWeave International

Trade unions

  • German Trade Union Confederation (DGB)
  • IG Metall

Advisory members

  • Federal Environment Agency (UBA)
  • Hof University
  • MUEVO GmbH


  • Adidas AG
  • C&A
  • HAKRO GmbH

Initiatives and associations

  • Bremen Cotton Exchange
  • Community for Textile Future (GftZ)
  • Network of German Fashion and Textile Designers (VDMD)

The complete list can be found directly in the overview on textilbuendnis.com.

Tip: If you would like to become a member of the Alliance for Sustainable Textiles and the Promotion of Organic Cotton, you can register here. inform and apply for membership.

Fair and sustainable: Mister Bags is GOTS certified

We at Mister Bags distribute sustainable shoulder bags, backpacks and other promotional bags made of cotton, jute or juco. As a company, we are proud that many of our textile products are certified according to the criteria of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

This means that our bags and pouches are verifiably made under fair working conditions and with environmentally friendly materials become.

The particularly strict criteria of the GOTS include, among other things, regulations on the topics of Working conditions, wage levels, environmental sustainability, social criteria and consumer protection. These are of particular importance for Mister Bagsbecause we want to offer our customers promotional products that are not only of high quality, but also produced under fair working conditions.

Furthermore, it is important to us that our textile products are environmentally friendly. Therefore, when manufacturing our promotional bags, we pay special attention to the fact that no chemicals or other pollutants be used. Consumer protection is also an important concern for us. We inform our customers transparently about the origin and composition of our promotional products and guarantee high quality.

GOTS-zertifizierte Bio-Baumwolltasche "Harry"
2332 Lucia Stone

Alliance Initiative Organic Cotton in India: More Fairness, More Transparency

Fair, environmentally friendly and sustainable: The Organic Cotton Alliance Initiative has started a project in India in which 12,500 male and female cotton producers to convert to organic cotton cultivation. India offers great potential, as the country is already one of the most important producers of organic cotton for the textile industry. In addition, India offers large areas of land suitable for conversion to organic cotton production.

The latter is worthwhile both for the farmers who work with decent working conditions, higher earnings, fair wages and more sales security and for the fashion and textile industries, as well as for the environment.

The Textile Alliance provides producers with the GMO-free seeds for cultivation available and supports them in converting to organic farming. The companies participating in the alliance initiative commit to purchasing a fixed quantity of organic cotton/cotton for three years, and to the Paying farmers a premium above market value.

This period is so important because the conversion from conventional farming methods with synthetic fertilisers and pesticides to organic farming usually takes three years. During this period, without support, there may be lower yields and financial bottlenecks, in short, poor production conditions. The scheme is therefore a important and livelihood-securing measurewhich contributes to significant, long-term improvements.

To the participating companies and organisations of the Textile Alliance include Brands Fashion, C&A, Esprit, Formesse, GOTS, HAKRO, H&M Group, s.Oliver Group, Tchibo and Fairtrade. They all have the common goal of increasing the amount of organic cotton available on the world market, while at the same time protecting the environment and liveable working and living conditions for the farmers.

The project is scheduled to run until 2025. The sustainable proportion of cotton is to increase to a whopping 70 per cent by then, and the share of organic cotton for textile production to 20 per cent.

Angestellter Farmer bei der Arbeit
GOTS - Angestellter bei der Qualitätskontrolle auf dem Feld

Mister Bags GOTS Bags & Pouches: A Success Story

Our customers are just as important to us as the Environment, resource awareness, social action and recycling. Our vision is to act ethically and sustainably in all areas of our company. Therefore, from Mister Bags We have set ourselves the goal of steadily increasing the share of our fair trade and GOTS-certified promotional bags and promotional pouches year after year - and so far we have succeeded every year. In doing so, we pay meticulous attention to our entire production chain in order to live up to the GOTS seal awarded to us.

Did you know? In addition to the GOTS seal, all our cotton bags, jute bags, backpacks, vegetable bags & Co. are also certified according to the OEKOTEX 100 standard and many of them also have the LFGB seal. You can get an insight into all our certificates here.

We do not want to subject our customers to cheap disposable promotional products without quality and without consideration. On the one hand, because these promotional products are not very environmentally friendly and, on the other hand, because we want our customers' corporate advertising to make a good impression. puts one's own corporate image in a good light. Likeable and durable textile bags with character for equally charismatic companies.

successful advertising: an excerpt from our sustainable bag & pouch collections

Whether shopping bags, sports bags, Backpacks, vegetable bag, gym bag, Drawstring bags or wine bags: We offer them all. Always from renewable natural fibres, always recyclable and each time with enough space for a discreet or prominent advertising message.

Mister Bags tip: Depending on your wishes, bags can be printed with long or short handles, extra compartments and of course different grammages. The higher the grammage, the more robust the bag.

Popular companions are for example:

  • Jute bags and jute bags like the sophisticated Henry or the spacious Bonnie
  • Cloth bags and cloth bags like Anna or the striking Edda, that convince with longevity
  • extremely robust Juco bags made from a mix of natural materials, which are convincing in natural colours
  • food safe Food-Bags with individual imprint

The best thing about it? No matter which bag or pouch is chosen: Every single one of our carrier bags can be customise with a high-quality advertising imprint. Different finishing processes such as screen printing, transfer printing or embroidery make each promotional bag a unique advertising medium and brand ambassador for a company. Another practical feature is that the bags can be printed with an advertising space on both sides is available for advertisers.

Rucksack aus recycelten Baumwollresten Reno MotivMr. Bags Cotton Baumwolltaschen2330 Theo Red

Our Mister Bags Organic Cotton Collection of Bags and Pouches

At Mister Bags we distribute bags and pouches made from sustainable organic cotton, which permanent quality controls are subject to. This is the only way we can ensure and guarantee that smallholders, workers and our customers benefit from ethical and sustainable practices.

Well over 20% of all our products sold so far have been produced from Fairtrade or organic cotton. We work hard every day to make sure that many more will be in the future. Our organic cotton bags include diverse models für unterschiedliche Einsatz- sowie Werbezwecke.

Mister Bags - Bio-Baumwolltasche Paul - Heavy Cotton


Mister Bags - Weekender - Theo - Heavy Cotton


Mister Bags - Bio-Baumwoll-Rucksack - Enzo - Heavy Cotton


Linus Heavy Cotton


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Organic cotton range.

We are Mister Bags - your partner for high quality & sustainable bags

With our extensive range of printable cotton and jute bags, we offer our business customers the opportunity to promote themselves sustainably with environmentally friendly promotional items - and with a clear conscience! Because our goal is to create a balance between economic success, environmental protection and social responsibility. Our conviction: sustainable action as a basic prerequisite for the economic success of a company.

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